A visual résumé that captures the overall data of Martin Wolfe’s background
bringing his professional journey to life.


This project was done to make reading Martin’s résumé an easy, interesting thing to do for people who want to quickly get the picture of his professional story. This serves as the TLDR (too long; didn't read) of his 10-page long CV.
This will be used to share/promote the résumé and/or schedule an interview.

Size: 17" x 11" bifold​​​​​​​

Brand identity designed includes logo, color palette and typefaces


The data on the CV are too many. Information were siloed and not talking to each other. The best solution I have found here is to use a timeline chart, occupying the spread. It worked well in plotting the data chronologically. Looking through the data, I decided to divide them into two overarching categories: Learn and Work section. Then, subcategories (Education, Awards, Work positions, Agencies, Locations, etc.) were placed accordingly on their respective sections and their locations on the timeline.


Other details of the CV were too much to add on the inside spread so I devised to put them on the cover pages, adding more layers of information on the single sheet of paper.
This showcases Martin's Trades, his range of services. A top talent with deep experience.
A whole package for every client (Story, Design, Insight, and Show).
Clients he has worked with. Grouped according to their industry.

Thanks for viewing!
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Disclaimer: The names and identifying details here, including the logo,
have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.​​​​​​​
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